Mostrando las entradas de marzo, 2010

Would you really want to miss this?!

Manzanillo, Colima. México. Cool Guys Surf at Sunset , originally uploaded by * Pichu * . I won't make this very long, but the following issue has been bothering me during the last couple of weeks and I need to get it off my chest. People around the world think of Mexico as a beautiful, fun, SAFE and worth-visiting country, but lately, due to internal conflicts, the news around the world have managed to create a very negative image of Mexico. There is truth behind the news. I won't deny there's a lot more violence going on than usual and I won't even go in detail about what I think the reasons are, but to my opinion it's been all caused by wrong decisions made by a very unexperienced and naive government. Not only are these news misleading but different countries have been issuing warnings and they advice not to visit Mexico because "the mob has taken over the country". I'm sure it can be frightening to hear that people are being killed but people are

The Japanese Tea Ceremony

This picture was taken by the very talented Saralú . Please make sure you visit her Flickr page , you won't regret it!! The tea ceremony is probably one of the most beautiful Japanese traditions, there are certain rules to follow though. The preparation of the tea and everything involved with it, is considered an art, so the one who drinks has to show respect to this art. It takes a lot of hard work and studying to learn everything you must know and do during the tea ceremony, but as foreigners we are not expected to know it all. Of course, knowing the basics will always help and will show your appreciation to their hard work. Also, doing the opposite would be taken almost as an offence caused by rudeness and bad manners, so keep the following easy rules in mind: The cake has to be eaten first. Usually they bring it before the tea so you will have no problem with that, but even when they serve both together, you must always eat the cake first. To eat the cake, you mus

Mexico City

Tonight I want to share with you a little (and very big) piece of my country. Mexico is mariachi. It is folklore and tequila, but there's much more of it to get to know. I spent last weekend in Mexico City and, as it happens each time I go, I fell in love with it. This video is not my creation, obviously. Just a little over 5 minutes and it shows how Mexico is also art, culture, technology, sports, history, pyramids, cuisine and its people among many other things. Make sure you visit Mexico City at least once. It can be a life-changing experience.

Coldplay, Ciudad de México 06.03.2010

Quisiera mostrarles más fotos del concierto, pero no llevaba cámara y todos sabemos que la del iPhones es una cochinada... Más abajito les dejo un video, muy malo, pero video... Jajaja. Todo empezó hace meses cuando salieron a la venta los boletos de Coldplay en México. Mi primer reacción fue: "Esperaré a que se acerque la fecha, si tengo dinero y todavía hay boletos, voy, si no, no importa". La verdad es que, me encanta su música, pero la banda en general y Chris Martin en particular, me caían pésimo... ¡Pero me dejaron bien calladita este fin de semana! A semanas del concierto, publiqué en mi Twitter ( MarianaPichu ) que había olvidado comprar boletos para Coldplay, lo cual llevó a que mi prima me dijera que tenía un boleto extra para el primer concierto en el Distrito Federal y que le encantaría que fuera con ella. Sinceramente, me emocionó más la idea de verla a ella que el concierto, así que tomé la invitación en vez de comprar boleto para el concierto en Guadalajara.

Matte Nail Polish (Thumbs up!!)

Ever since everyone started talking about matte nail polishes, it got me all excited. If anything beauty or makeup related comes out, and it stands away from the traditional, I'M IN!! Anyway, a few months ago everyone at the beauty blogs and YouTube videos started talking about the new "next big thing": Matte Nail Polishes! I saw a few samples of those and I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, the non-traditional beauty trends are not very popular in Mexico and so I hadn't found any matte polishes around here, but that changed last weekend. I found this brand in Mexico City. It's called L.A. Girl MATTE and the colour I'm wearing is Matte Baby Pink. I'm in love with it... You will never believe how hot this looks!! It also looks very clean and neat and totally wearable for the office (I only wear my bold colors during the weekends because my boss doesn't appreciate my crazy makeup ideas hahaha). Alright the review: On the down side: - It