Matte Nail Polish (Thumbs up!!)

Ever since everyone started talking about matte nail polishes, it got me all excited. If anything beauty or makeup related comes out, and it stands away from the traditional, I'M IN!!

Anyway, a few months ago everyone at the beauty blogs and YouTube videos started talking about the new "next big thing": Matte Nail Polishes!

I saw a few samples of those and I immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, the non-traditional beauty trends are not very popular in Mexico and so I hadn't found any matte polishes around here, but that changed last weekend.

I found this brand in Mexico City. It's called L.A. Girl MATTE and the colour I'm wearing is Matte Baby Pink.

I'm in love with it... You will never believe how hot this looks!! It also looks very clean and neat and totally wearable for the office (I only wear my bold colors during the weekends because my boss doesn't appreciate my crazy makeup ideas hahaha).

Alright the review:

On the down side:

- It took 4 coats to get a vibrant, even colour on my nails.

- It starts looking a bit too thick in the bottle and I have just done my fingernails and toenails once since I got it.

What I loved:

- It dries very fast!

- Even though I had to apply 4 coats for it to look even, with enough drying, it doesn't get all messy on your nails.

- They have a huge variety of very pretty colours, from black to teal, white to pink.

- You get very good quality for a very low price: $29.00 MXN ($2 USD)

I am loving this product and I regret I didn’t get more colours, specially since I live far from Mexico City and I have not seen this where I live, but no worries, I'll be getting more colours, I will!!