Would you really want to miss this?!

Manzanillo, Colima. México.
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I won't make this very long, but the following issue has been bothering me during the last couple of weeks and I need to get it off my chest.

People around the world think of Mexico as a beautiful, fun, SAFE and worth-visiting country, but lately, due to internal conflicts, the news around the world have managed to create a very negative image of Mexico.

There is truth behind the news. I won't deny there's a lot more violence going on than usual and I won't even go in detail about what I think the reasons are, but to my opinion it's been all caused by wrong decisions made by a very unexperienced and naive government.

Not only are these news misleading but different countries have been issuing warnings and they advice not to visit Mexico because "the mob has taken over the country".

I'm sure it can be frightening to hear that people are being killed but people are not being killed just because. People dying are either working for or against the mob.

As a tourist, nothing should happen to you if you use common sense and act just as you would in any other country. Avoid dangerous places such as bad neighbourhoods (yes every single city in the world has those), don't get involved with people you don't know, don't try to buy/sell illegal substances and overall, just take care of yourself as you would in any other place.

Mexico has been hit with very bad press during the last year. It all started with the swine flu, followed by the called "mob wars", and if on top of that you add bad economy, you know we're going through a very rough time.

Tourism in Mexico is as safe as it's always been. I can tell you, I live in this country and everyday-life hasn't changed for me. Again, use your common sense and you will be fine.

Do not miss the chance to visit a country that will change your life.