sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

Thank You For The Good Times!

Yesterday I was all sarcastic and having fun about the whole Oasis-splitting-up issue… Today, I have to admit I have a knot in my throat and a teary eye.

I woke up to a new declaration of Noel’s, one on which he says goodbye to the fans, one on which he describes the last 18 years as “truly truly amazing “ and “a dream come true”... So I guess this time it is for real.

When I was younger I always knew this day would come and I thought of a million reactions I could have... So far my reaction has let me down drama-wise.

I just can’t believe this is over... I can’t believe the one thing that’s always made me happy, the one thing that changed my life and, as corny and cliché as it sounds, the soundtrack of my life, will stop right here and I’ll have to live listening to old music to feel the comfort and happiness that Oasis gives me.

Maybe Oasis will go on without Noel Gallagher, maybe they won’t... If they do, I will still be a fan but the man will be seriously missed and all I can hope for is a solo career, because that, to be honest , would be FANTASTIC.

So for now, and for as long as Noel keeps saying he’s out of Oasis, all I’ve got to say is (in Oasis lyrics of course):


viernes, 28 de agosto de 2009

Don't Look Back in Anger

Video: Filmed by myself 29th of November 2008. Monterrey, Mexico.

I had been working all morning long so I decided to take a break… I found on Facebook this thing on which you have to answer a few questions with songs from only one singer or band…

Of course, it had to be Oasis…

Right when I was about to finish answering the questions, I got a Tweet from Oasis’s official Twitter:

“RT @oasis: A statement from Noel: http://bit.ly/VTa6W”

That was a bit shady, so I rushed in and read:

28 August 2009

"It's with some sadness and great relief to tell you that I quit Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer.

Apologies to all the people who bought tickets for the shows in Paris, Konstanz and Milan."

Are you serious?! Is this for real?! During the last months, Liam and Noel had been arguing over the internet, Noel posting insults against his brother on his blog “Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere” and Liam answering back on his Twitter page. I had seen this as pure entertainment... But tonight, they have cancelled their second festival appearance in a row.

As for now, I feel very anxious, nervous and I’m laughing out loud... I don’t think I feel sad because after all this feels like nothing but like a flashback or a déjà vu!!

I’ve been a fan of Oasis for 14 years now, I’ve seen them live 8 times in my life in 3 different continents and own over 200 items of Oasis memorabilia but because I know them I’m not sad right now... I simply don’t believe they’re actually splitting up.

No, it’s not denial, it is knowing their history and just how many times they’ve done this in the past... Only thing that worries me is: This time it’s been posted “officially”.

We might be living the end of an era and I’m still laughing... Well, we’ll see what happens...

I leave you with my Q&A Oasis post. To be honest, I would change a few things now, hahaha, but I’ll just leave it as it was before the news!

1. Are you male or female??: The Girl In The Dirty Shirt

2. Describe yourself: She’s Electric

3. How do you feel right now?: Rock N Roll Star

4. Describe where you live: Underneath The Sky

5. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? All Around The World

6. Your Best Friends are: Cigarettes and Alcohol

7. Favourite Colour: Colour My Life

8. What would be the name of your tv-show if you had one? The Importance Of Being Idle

9. Ideal birthday gift: Fuckin’ In The Bushes (hahaha sorry, this one was too funny not to use it!)

10. What is life for you?: One Way Road

11. Your love life: It’s Good To Be Free

12. You are afraid of: I’m Just Getting Older

13. The best advice you can give: Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is

14. If you could change your name, it would be: Lyla

15. Thought of the day: Flashbax

16. How would you like to die?: Cloudburst

17. Actual state of your soul: Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

18. Biggest Secret: The Masterplan

miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2009

There is still hope for peace!

Hiroshima is a place that moves and touches you in many ways.

Some people may compare visitng Hiroshima to visiting the concentration camps in Europe but I think there is quite a difference!

Hiroshima and the whole concept of the Peace Memorial Park (which includes the monuments, the museum and the Hall of Remembrance), show the visitors that the people of Hiroshima were never interested in making others feel pitty for them, actually, they admit how much damage they caused to other countries in Asia on their imperialistic quest, which led to many deads and destroyed cities, before they had to experience the explosion of an atomic bomb themselves.

Having this in mind, the Japanese rebuilt a city of peace and hope. A city that will always remind us, even just by mentioning its name, the horrors of war, but also the strenght of human beings and our capability to work and build a new life and future.

Walking around the museum and reading all about nuclear destruction, does make you sad (and even sick to the stomach) but it is for sure something that we all need to see to always keep in mind how worthless it is to fight when all we really need is peace on earth.

Want to know what I'm talking about? Go to:

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Greetings from the past!

Today was an awkward day… I was supposed to work, but instead I went through old documents, books, magazines and pocket diaries, I just can’t concentrate today!

These pocket diaries were used as a way of knowing what I had to do each day and what I had done in previous days. The main topics were my school assignments and everything I did during the afternoon with my friends and family.

Even though I’ve always said I’m not the kind of girl who likes to write a diary, these things were actually diaries because today, while reading them, I wasn’t interested at all on my school assignments for each day, but in the secret codes I found on it.

Each day I wrote something in code. An example would be:


I was amassed by how easily I could crack these codes today. That one up there means:

“Hablé con Ricardo toda la tarde y me encanta!!”

Enlishg: “I talked to Ricardo the whole afternoon and I like him very much!!”.

Ricardo being a guy I had a crush on back then.

But not all the codes were fun. I found a few about the first time I got my heart broken and how hard it was for me to get through that. I also realized how much some experiences changed me back then and why I am the person I see today on the mirror.

It sure was an emotional rollercoaster. I found myself pretty low at some points but I also went up high to the point of getting shivering hands remembering the fun and awesome experiences behind.