Thank You For The Good Times!

Yesterday I was all sarcastic and having fun about the whole Oasis-splitting-up issue… Today, I have to admit I have a knot in my throat and a teary eye.

I woke up to a new declaration of Noel’s, one on which he says goodbye to the fans, one on which he describes the last 18 years as “truly truly amazing “ and “a dream come true”... So I guess this time it is for real.

When I was younger I always knew this day would come and I thought of a million reactions I could have... So far my reaction has let me down drama-wise.

I just can’t believe this is over... I can’t believe the one thing that’s always made me happy, the one thing that changed my life and, as corny and cliché as it sounds, the soundtrack of my life, will stop right here and I’ll have to live listening to old music to feel the comfort and happiness that Oasis gives me.

Maybe Oasis will go on without Noel Gallagher, maybe they won’t... If they do, I will still be a fan but the man will be seriously missed and all I can hope for is a solo career, because that, to be honest , would be FANTASTIC.

So for now, and for as long as Noel keeps saying he’s out of Oasis, all I’ve got to say is (in Oasis lyrics of course):