Greetings from the past!

Today was an awkward day… I was supposed to work, but instead I went through old documents, books, magazines and pocket diaries, I just can’t concentrate today!

These pocket diaries were used as a way of knowing what I had to do each day and what I had done in previous days. The main topics were my school assignments and everything I did during the afternoon with my friends and family.

Even though I’ve always said I’m not the kind of girl who likes to write a diary, these things were actually diaries because today, while reading them, I wasn’t interested at all on my school assignments for each day, but in the secret codes I found on it.

Each day I wrote something in code. An example would be:


I was amassed by how easily I could crack these codes today. That one up there means:

“Hablé con Ricardo toda la tarde y me encanta!!”

Enlishg: “I talked to Ricardo the whole afternoon and I like him very much!!”.

Ricardo being a guy I had a crush on back then.

But not all the codes were fun. I found a few about the first time I got my heart broken and how hard it was for me to get through that. I also realized how much some experiences changed me back then and why I am the person I see today on the mirror.

It sure was an emotional rollercoaster. I found myself pretty low at some points but I also went up high to the point of getting shivering hands remembering the fun and awesome experiences behind.