There is still hope for peace!

Hiroshima is a place that moves and touches you in many ways.

Some people may compare visitng Hiroshima to visiting the concentration camps in Europe but I think there is quite a difference!

Hiroshima and the whole concept of the Peace Memorial Park (which includes the monuments, the museum and the Hall of Remembrance), show the visitors that the people of Hiroshima were never interested in making others feel pitty for them, actually, they admit how much damage they caused to other countries in Asia on their imperialistic quest, which led to many deads and destroyed cities, before they had to experience the explosion of an atomic bomb themselves.

Having this in mind, the Japanese rebuilt a city of peace and hope. A city that will always remind us, even just by mentioning its name, the horrors of war, but also the strenght of human beings and our capability to work and build a new life and future.

Walking around the museum and reading all about nuclear destruction, does make you sad (and even sick to the stomach) but it is for sure something that we all need to see to always keep in mind how worthless it is to fight when all we really need is peace on earth.

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