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OASIS at Fuji Rock Festival 2009

I can't believe I was there to see one of Oasis' last shows... After Fuji Rock Festival, they played 7 more gigs and then, Noel announced his departure from the band. I won't lie and say I knew this would happen, but I did have a certain feeling while watching them... I knew it would be the last time I'd hear their music live for at least 3 years, little did I know it was the last time EVER. Typing this post is turning into a very difficult task to do, I feel right now as sad as I did back then. Yes, I was sad while watching them on stage playing what has become the soundtrack of my life. Well, I am actually not sure if I can say I was sad... I was for sure nostalgic and wishing for it not to come to an end and here I am, almost 2 months later, not being able to write something that doesn't sound too corny... So it all started after Paul Weller (and Steve Cradock) left the stage... I started feeling quite weak... I hadn't have anything to eat except for breakfas

Fuji Rock Festival 2009

I can't believe it's already been over 2 months since I stood in the middle of the Japanese woods listening to Rock and Roll... It was an awesome day, it all started very early in the morning getting from Tokyo to Echigo - Yuzawa , a very famous place in Japan. In winter many people go there for the skii resorts it hosts, but during summer it's also very famous for all the onsen around. Go to one of my older posts "Traditional Addiction" to know what I'm talking about. Anyway, it took way too long to get to the festival. First I had to travel by train for 1.30 hrs, then queue for 2 hours (yes, 2 hours!!) to get a shuttle bus from the station to the place the festival took place, and the shuttle bus took another 1.30 hours to get there. I got there and everything was awesome I was very excited and got to see half of the Doves' set. They are good!! I had heard their music a couple of times before but I was very much surprised of how good they were live. I

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365- Day 78 Be The Ribbon! , originally uploaded by * Pichu * . Hoy decidí que en mi Twitter sería el día de sólo español y mis amigos internacionales tendrían que aguantarse las ganas de saber qué es lo que digo, así que aprovecharé el compromiso para hacer mi primer post en español al Blog. Se que he tenido este espacio muy abandonado pero para ser sincera he tenido muchísimo trabajo y poco tiempo para mis asuntos de la red (incluido mi Vlog y sobre todo mi Flickr que extraño enormemente). Durante estas semanas he tenido muchas ganas de escribir sobre diferentes cosas, pero al final siempre pienso, ¿y a la gente qué le importa lo que opino sobre deportes, música, viajes, maquillaje y demás cosas que me apasionan en la vida? Y siempre termino descartando las redacciones que inicio pero nunca concluyo. Y sin querer seguir con mi bla bla bla y verdaderamente aburrirlos, quisiera compartir algo breve con ustedes: Hoy en mi Twitter (que por cierto es ahora privado, pero esperen uno nuev