miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2009

OASIS at Fuji Rock Festival 2009

I can't believe I was there to see one of Oasis' last shows... After Fuji Rock Festival, they played 7 more gigs and then, Noel announced his departure from the band.

I won't lie and say I knew this would happen, but I did have a certain feeling while watching them... I knew it would be the last time I'd hear their music live for at least 3 years, little did I know it was the last time EVER.

Typing this post is turning into a very difficult task to do, I feel right now as sad as I did back then. Yes, I was sad while watching them on stage playing what has become the soundtrack of my life.

Well, I am actually not sure if I can say I was sad... I was for sure nostalgic and wishing for it not to come to an end and here I am, almost 2 months later, not being able to write something that doesn't sound too corny...

So it all started after Paul Weller (and Steve Cradock) left the stage... I started feeling quite weak... I hadn't have anything to eat except for breakfast at the train station, I had been standing up for hours, I hadn't drunk anything and of course I hadn't used the toilet, but over all, I had been traveling for a week and I was exhausted!!

Oasis started, as usual with Fuckin' in the Bushes and that's when it started to go wrong... My legs were not responding and I had over 40,000 people behind me pushing and jumping... It was too much for me... Next song was Rock n Roll Star and by then I had already lost my bag!! A very kind guy noticed I was failing so he asked if I needed out... I got sad but I had to say yes, he called the security guys and they pulled me out when Lyla was being played. I totally felt like a Michael Jackson's fan from the 90's haha.

I told the security guy I had lost my bag and a shoe so a very nice girl (the Japanese are awesome) found them for me, I was sent out and had to enjoy the show from the side. It was not that bad, but you know, it wasn't first or second row!

The show, all in all was very good. The usual songs were played, some were removed from the setlist and some were added!! My Big Mouth and Half The World Away being the two songs that I was surprised with and even Champagne Supernova (which I usually hate) made me shed a tear...

I have to admit I hated the fact that they left The Importance of Being Idle out of the set, but they insist on playing Wonderwall... Ughh!

I remember telling my sister the next day that Noel was in a good mood and I hadn't seen him smiling while playing in a very long time... I guess I was wrong!!

Anyway, the concert was fantastic, but images speak louder than words, so make sure you check my Vlog out.

"Come feed me and then bring me down!!" <3<3<3

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

Fuji Rock Festival 2009

I can't believe it's already been over 2 months since I stood in the middle of the Japanese woods listening to Rock and Roll...

It was an awesome day, it all started very early in the morning getting from Tokyo to Echigo-Yuzawa, a very famous place in Japan. In winter many people go there for the skii resorts it hosts, but during summer it's also very famous for all the onsen around. Go to one of my older posts "Traditional Addiction" to know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, it took way too long to get to the festival. First I had to travel by train for 1.30 hrs, then queue for 2 hours (yes, 2 hours!!) to get a shuttle bus from the station to the place the festival took place, and the shuttle bus took another 1.30 hours to get there.

I got there and everything was awesome I was very excited and got to see half of the Doves' set. They are good!! I had heard their music a couple of times before but I was very much surprised of how good they were live. I need to get some of their music.

By the end of their set I managed to get to the front rows of the Green Stage, place were Oasis would play at 9 o'clock (it was 3 o'clock by the time). I had a mission and my mission was to be at the front row for the Oasis part of the festival. Yeah I didn't quite make it, but you'll know all about that later :-)

I waited for the next act, which didn't have me all that excited but I just couldn't leave my spot, so I waited for Lily Allen to come out... OH MY GOD!! Lily Allen!! What can I say?! She was fantastic, she even made me dance to Womanizer... She's a great performer and a brilliant entertainer, best sense of humor and just soooo awesome... Now you can tell I have the biggest girl crush on her, but seriously she was amazing. Needless to say I loved her makeup and her shoes were to kill for.

Then a lot more waiting, Patti Smith was to come on stage... She did, she took a picture of us (by then I was already at the 3rd row) and she played her set. I need to be honest, she was just ok. I mean, she has a great band and they do a very good job all together but she's a bit too intense to my liking. I wasn't bored or anything but the whole "let's save the world" speech really bothers me (reason why I'm still hesitating on going or not going to see Coldplay)... When I pay for a concert I want to listen to music... Anyway, she was alright, I just didn't get that much into her music nor her style and the fact that she kept spitting all over the stage was really upseting me haha...

Next up would be Paul Weller and I was so damn excited about that!! I didn't know Paul Weller was playing the Green Stage too until one day before, so I was just all happy about it...

I need to mention that it never stopped raining... I was wet from thead to toes, hadn't have much to eat, hadn't have anything to drink and of course I hadn't leave my spot so no toilet using for me... I had been standing up for 8 hours already and had been traveling for a week, so yes, I was very tired already.

By the time Paul Weller came out I was a exhausted but what was my surprise!? Steve Cradock was in the band!! I totally forgot about how tired I was, I had Steve Cradock infront of me and being a huge Ocean Colour Scene fan it was simply mind blowing!!

I enjoyed the whole set very much. It was somewhat short but very good. Paul Weller is a great performer and I enjoyed every second of it, specially the whole Cradock on stage thing.

Waiting for Oasis to come out was the longest 40 minutes ever. I was already in 2nd row and couldn't wait for them to come back but I was feeling very weak...

To know more about the Oasis set, you'll have to wait for the next post because that deserves a text for itself!

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2009

Mensaje de Prevención

365- Day 78 Be The Ribbon!, originally uploaded by * Pichu *.

Hoy decidí que en mi Twitter sería el día de sólo español y mis amigos internacionales tendrían que aguantarse las ganas de saber qué es lo que digo, así que aprovecharé el compromiso para hacer mi primer post en español al Blog.

Se que he tenido este espacio muy abandonado pero para ser sincera he tenido muchísimo trabajo y poco tiempo para mis asuntos de la red (incluido mi Vlog y sobre todo mi Flickr que extraño enormemente).

Durante estas semanas he tenido muchas ganas de escribir sobre diferentes cosas, pero al final siempre pienso, ¿y a la gente qué le importa lo que opino sobre deportes, música, viajes, maquillaje y demás cosas que me apasionan en la vida? Y siempre termino descartando las redacciones que inicio pero nunca concluyo.

Y sin querer seguir con mi bla bla bla y verdaderamente aburrirlos, quisiera compartir algo breve con ustedes: Hoy en mi Twitter (que por cierto es ahora privado, pero esperen uno nuevo que será público con menos información personal pero más cosas "interesantes"), hice un llamado a la prevención y me gustaría lo leyeran ustedes también:

La foto referente a este post la tomé el 23 de Octubre del año pasado para mi proyecto 365 en Flickr y fue titulada "Se el listón!".

El mensaje es simple... Siempre en octubre nos invade la mercadotecnia rosa, desde los famosos listones, ropa, detergentes y balones de fútbol, hasta vajillas y sartenes del mismo color.

Lo que yo les pido es que no porten únicamente el listón rosa... Sean el listón rosa!! No hay mejor cura para el cáncer de mama que la prevención!! Señoras y señoritas, EXAMÍNENSE!! Yo lo hice hace 10 minutos y no me da pena admitirlo. Conozcan sus senos y no permitan que la vergüenza ni la desidia sean factores para el desarrollo de este cáncer.

Tóquense regularmente, conozcan sus cuerpos y visiten al médico ante cualquier anomalía!

Probablemente postee esto en inglés también, pero no hoy, tal vez mañana u otro día del mes, pero por favor cuídense!!!

Y señores, recuerden que los hombres también pueden desarrollar cáncer de mama, infórmense!!

Convirtámonos todos en el listón rosa!! Informen a sus madres, hermanas, hijas, abuelas, tías, amigas, conocidas y desconocidas sobre la importancia de la prevención y la autoexaminación.

Salven una vida... Salven su propia vida!!