OASIS at Fuji Rock Festival 2009

I can't believe I was there to see one of Oasis' last shows... After Fuji Rock Festival, they played 7 more gigs and then, Noel announced his departure from the band.

I won't lie and say I knew this would happen, but I did have a certain feeling while watching them... I knew it would be the last time I'd hear their music live for at least 3 years, little did I know it was the last time EVER.

Typing this post is turning into a very difficult task to do, I feel right now as sad as I did back then. Yes, I was sad while watching them on stage playing what has become the soundtrack of my life.

Well, I am actually not sure if I can say I was sad... I was for sure nostalgic and wishing for it not to come to an end and here I am, almost 2 months later, not being able to write something that doesn't sound too corny...

So it all started after Paul Weller (and Steve Cradock) left the stage... I started feeling quite weak... I hadn't have anything to eat except for breakfast at the train station, I had been standing up for hours, I hadn't drunk anything and of course I hadn't used the toilet, but over all, I had been traveling for a week and I was exhausted!!

Oasis started, as usual with Fuckin' in the Bushes and that's when it started to go wrong... My legs were not responding and I had over 40,000 people behind me pushing and jumping... It was too much for me... Next song was Rock n Roll Star and by then I had already lost my bag!! A very kind guy noticed I was failing so he asked if I needed out... I got sad but I had to say yes, he called the security guys and they pulled me out when Lyla was being played. I totally felt like a Michael Jackson's fan from the 90's haha.

I told the security guy I had lost my bag and a shoe so a very nice girl (the Japanese are awesome) found them for me, I was sent out and had to enjoy the show from the side. It was not that bad, but you know, it wasn't first or second row!

The show, all in all was very good. The usual songs were played, some were removed from the setlist and some were added!! My Big Mouth and Half The World Away being the two songs that I was surprised with and even Champagne Supernova (which I usually hate) made me shed a tear...

I have to admit I hated the fact that they left The Importance of Being Idle out of the set, but they insist on playing Wonderwall... Ughh!

I remember telling my sister the next day that Noel was in a good mood and I hadn't seen him smiling while playing in a very long time... I guess I was wrong!!

Anyway, the concert was fantastic, but images speak louder than words, so make sure you check my Vlog out.

"Come feed me and then bring me down!!" <3<3<3