Mostrando las entradas de julio, 2011

Week 4- Matute Remus (Project 52)

Week 4- Matute Remus (Project 52) , originally uploaded by MarianaPichu . I had forgotten how fun it can be to play with a camera's ISO and lens aperture and even though I did it with my cute little P&S, it still was fun to do it. I totally forgot about the project this week. I remembered tonight, when it already was dark and this place immediately popped in my head. It's a new structure we have in Guadalajara. Many people don't like this bridge. It was way too expensive to build and they say it doesn't quite do its job. Anyway, it's pretty looking and it reminds me of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo (just for the lights, the Rainbow Bridge is way bigger).

Week 3 - Icons (Project 52)

Week 3 - Icons (Project 52) , originally uploaded by MarianaPichu . I was probably not ready to start a photo-project. I think I lost the ability of taking good looking pictures, after all, it had been over a year since I last tried doing it. I hated (just as last week) every single shot from my photo walk. I was convinced I had to quit the project but I can't stand unfinished projects so I decided I should post something even if I didn't like it at all. On this picture you can see La Minerva, one of Guadalajara's icons which is situated where the entrance to the city once was. Hopefully next week I'll come up with a better picture or I'll just have to quit the project. Last chance! Good luck and a happy week to all :-)

Week 2 - Best Friends (Project 52)

Week 2 - Best Friends (Project 52) , originally uploaded by MarianaPichu . A few weeks ago my boss asked me how many best friends do I have. He says I often talk about different people and say "he/she is one of my best friends". The thing is, I give my all to my friends and I get very close to them. I love everyone. That can be a bad thing. I frequently get hurt for loving and caring for people who don't feel the same about me, but that's ok, I also have great friendships because of that. She is one of my closest friends and one of the persons who knows me best. She knows all my secrets. I love her. Picture was taken today at Guadalajara's city centre, where each Sunday people get together and play games with strangers, they take free dancing lessons or just watch live free shows. Good times.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

Noel Gallagher está de regreso. Este tipo es un genio. Su sentido del humor, la forma de contestar a las preguntas. La verdad estoy emocionadísima por la rueda de prensa que dio hoy. Dos discos en dos años, tour y promesa de seguir tocando canciones de Oasis. Todo parece perfecto y aunque varias de las canciones de su nuevo disco ya las conocemos, me pone muy nerviosa la descripción de su nueva música. Por ahí dijo que hasta se escucha un poco de jazz y eso me molesta. Me molesta mucho. Odio el jazz. En fin, el 17 de octubre de este año lo sabremos (o antes con el lanzamiento del primer single). Ni modo chamacos, a ahorrar que Noel es experto en exprimirnos el dinero con sus releases. Les dejo el video de la rueda de prensa.

Week 1 - I'm Back! (Project 52)

Week 1 - I'm Back! (Project 52) , originally uploaded by * Pichu * . I'm back! Long story short: My Canon EOS Kiss Digital X got stolen last year and I didn't feel like taking any pictures. For the last few weeks I've been wanting to take pictures and so I realized I need a project to make me take pictures again. I can't go through the whole 365 again. Work wouldn't let me, so 52 weeks might be a good start. I'll be doing photowalks which gets me really excited. Today I went to an antiques flea market and found these. So many good memories back. I used to play with my cousin Luis all the time instead of with my girl cousins. I loved toy cars. It's really hard, you know? Taking pictures after so long. I'm also doing it with a P&S which takes some of the magic away, but hopefully I will soon be able to get a new camera. Have a fantastic week everyone!