Week 1 - I'm Back! (Project 52)

I'm back!

Long story short: My Canon EOS Kiss Digital X got stolen last year and I didn't feel like taking any pictures. For the last few weeks I've been wanting to take pictures and so I realized I need a project to make me take pictures again.

I can't go through the whole 365 again. Work wouldn't let me, so 52 weeks might be a good start. I'll be doing photowalks which gets me really excited. Today I went to an antiques flea market and found these. So many good memories back. I used to play with my cousin Luis all the time instead of with my girl cousins. I loved toy cars.

It's really hard, you know? Taking pictures after so long. I'm also doing it with a P&S which takes some of the magic away, but hopefully I will soon be able to get a new camera.

Have a fantastic week everyone!