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I (heart) Airports!

One of the best experiences I've had at an Airport. This is Monterrey, México. 29.11.2008. I'm glad I had a video camera. It's been a while since I last posted something in English, so here it goes, to my international friends! I honestly have nothing to write about... I'm at an airport and I've been waiting here for about two hours now. One more hour to go! It's very funny how we get used to certain things and when we don't have them, we feel like we'll go insane. Take Twitter as an example. It probably is my favourite online thing ever!! Well, Twitter and Flickr, but Flickr needs a lot more time that right now, I don't have... Twitter is easy, fun, interactive, informative... It's necessary! At the airport, I have Internet connection, I have a laptop and an iPhone but the first is my boss's and it doesn't allow me to use Twitter on the web. I would install an app for Twitter but it's all in German and I'm afraid I wouldn't b

Maquillaje MarianaPichu

El Before and After con todo y toalla de recién bañada jajajaja . Hoy dediqué un par de horas a recolectar y marcar con mi nombre algunas fotos del maquillaje que he hecho en los últimos años. Últimamente he creado muchos looks pero por falta de tiempo no he tomado las fotos. Espero poder cambiar eso en el futuro. Muchos de ustedes ya conocen la mayoría de las fotos porque las tengo en mi cuenta de Flickr ( * Pichu * ), pero algunas otras son nuevas. Espero les gusten y si alguien desea contratar mis servicios (viernes y fines de semana en la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara), pueden contactarme a través de Twitter ( MarianaPichu ) o escribirme a contact@marianapichu.com