Japanese Food... YUM!!

I have had the pleasure to visit Japan more than once and each time I do, I fall more and more in love with its culture and all the craziness going on.

Japan and I have a long history. One of my beloved aunties has Japanese blood, so I grew up listening about the culture and seeing kimonos' pictures and Japanese decorations.

Her daughter, who happens to be one of my closest friends, had a great idea when we were 8 years old: We would save money from that moment on, so that, when we were 18, we could go to Japan together. Of course we didn't save and of course we didn't go.

Later on, circumstances of life sent a very close relative of mine to Japan. Of course!! I had to visit!!

I'd love to talk about the cultural differences between Japan and Mexico, but that's book material. Instead of that, I'll leave you with my newest video from my last trip to Japan and a few pictures of one of the most interesting features of this country: FOOD!!

Let's just say, I never ate seafood before, not until I visited Japan and now I'm addicted to it!!

ENJOY!! ;-)

"Square Watermelons!!"
Day 10 of my Tourism Vlog.
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All pictures taken by *MarianaPichu* (That's me!!! XD).

You can find more @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/oa_pichu_sis/

Ochra (Vegetale)

Fish snacks.

Japanese sweets (yes, even the tiny fish).

Obento (rice, egg, pickles, eggplant,etc).

Raw Octopus.

Square Watermelon.