I have the biggest knot in my throat!!

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Picture: My tribute to Oasis' "Roll With It".
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Today, Liam Gallagher has said on a radio show in Italy that "Oasis is done" and that he's making music with all the band members except for his brother Noel.

It is very funny how in my mind I always thought they'd get together, make up and bring Oasis back in the studio or on stage, sadly, today it has been confirmed that they've definitely broken up and there's no chance for the Gallaghers to get back together.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a good friend, who's also an Oasis fan, about how much hope I still had... About how all of my life I thought that the day that Oasis didn't exist, it would be because Noel was dead. Yes, I truly believe he's gonna be in a tragic accident one day and we'll lose him... Don't ask why, but I do!

Today is a very sad day. The band I've been following for 15 years and around the world has come to an end and that brings a huge part of me and who I am to an end too.

I guess we'll still have the old music to listen to, but right now I can only hope for Noel's solo career because to be honest, I can't get excited about Oasis (even if the name won't be the same) without Noel Gallagher. I'm pretty sure Liam, Andy, Gem and Chris will do good music and I will very likely be a huge fan, but it's just not the same without Mr. Noel Gallagher.

As corny as this will sound, Oasis will LIVE FOREVER and I am grateful I was around to enjoy their music. They've saved me, many times in many different ways and that will always live in me.

What I can basically say now is (as I did 3 months ago when Noel first announced his departure from the band):