domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

What's Next!?

Morelia, México, originally uploaded by * Pichu *.

There's only a few more videos left from Japan on my Vlog!

Next destination will be Morelia, Michoacán. (MEXICO)

In 1991 Morelia got its World Heritage Site title thanks to its colonial buildings.

Don't miss it!!

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**NOTE** Let me just share my excitement!! I thought I had lost the pictures from this trip and some of my Japanese pictures but I just found them in a memory card! YAY!!

domingo, 22 de noviembre de 2009

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

I'll never reach you...!

"If only I could tell you, but it's not like you care!

If only I could kiss you, but it's not like you'd dare...

I hate this situation as much as you do,

but if I want improvement, I should stop loving you".

Yes, I tend to be corny, but these words came from the heart...

viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

I have the biggest knot in my throat!!

Originally uploaded by * Pichu *.

Picture: My tribute to Oasis' "Roll With It".
Follow the like above for a description/explanation.

Today, Liam Gallagher has said on a radio show in Italy that "Oasis is done" and that he's making music with all the band members except for his brother Noel.

It is very funny how in my mind I always thought they'd get together, make up and bring Oasis back in the studio or on stage, sadly, today it has been confirmed that they've definitely broken up and there's no chance for the Gallaghers to get back together.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a good friend, who's also an Oasis fan, about how much hope I still had... About how all of my life I thought that the day that Oasis didn't exist, it would be because Noel was dead. Yes, I truly believe he's gonna be in a tragic accident one day and we'll lose him... Don't ask why, but I do!

Today is a very sad day. The band I've been following for 15 years and around the world has come to an end and that brings a huge part of me and who I am to an end too.

I guess we'll still have the old music to listen to, but right now I can only hope for Noel's solo career because to be honest, I can't get excited about Oasis (even if the name won't be the same) without Noel Gallagher. I'm pretty sure Liam, Andy, Gem and Chris will do good music and I will very likely be a huge fan, but it's just not the same without Mr. Noel Gallagher.

As corny as this will sound, Oasis will LIVE FOREVER and I am grateful I was around to enjoy their music. They've saved me, many times in many different ways and that will always live in me.

What I can basically say now is (as I did 3 months ago when Noel first announced his departure from the band):


miércoles, 11 de noviembre de 2009

Update!! Update!!

Yeah, the picture has nothing to do with the subject, but it is a cool autumn shot hahaha.

Hellooooo there!

I have been neglecting this Blog, I know, but I have also stopped posting videos on my YouTube Channel and pictures on Flickr.

It's not that I will quit doing these things, but I have been really busy with my job. Each day it gets more and more demanding and it is hard to keep up with everything else.

I have 5 activities which I consider jobs, not only because those are things I really love doing, but also because they are very time-consuming.

1. My day time job as an executive at a Tourism Consultant's office.

2. My internet activities such as my Blog, Vlog and Flickr. These are not real jobs but I do have to spend quite a lot of time on them (specially with the Vlog). Remember: time is money ;-)

3. My make-up company. I have recently started a society with my best friend, we are both freelance make-up artists and have decided to get together and do the best out of it with promotion, CI, marketing and all those things (we'll have a website soon yaaayy!!).

4. Probably the least important but also time-consuming, I help a friend with his website taking pictures at social events and stuff like that.

5. English lessons, 2 students.

So there it is, no wonder why I'm so busy all the time... But I promise I will be more active on the internet soon and I will continue posting my tourism Vlogs (I just need the time to edit them).

I've also been thinking of doing daily Vlogs about weight loss... I have just started my diet again (after months of eating whatever and putting on 9lbs -4kg- :-S) and I just need the motivation to go through this again. I think that maybe the Vlogs would help. What do you think? Would that be interesting to watch? Maybe 2 or 3-minute Vlogs per day... That'd be cool... Let me know what you think ;-)

Anyway, thanks for reading this update and I hope you're all doing fine.


Ps. I am pretty active on Twitter though, so if interested, you can follow me at:

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Tourism Twitter: MarianaPichuX2

I might be opening a new Twitter account for the make-up interested, but I don't know yet.

I'll let you know ;-)